Shark HV382 vs HV381

The products and collections that shark put out keep impress me always. Their innovation in the vacuum cleaning industry is second to none and this is why a lot of people rely solely on them when it comes s to vacuum machines. Only a few brands like Dyson, Bissell, Ecovacs, Samsung and iRobot comes close to Shark In terms of knowledge and application of technology. Almost every ardent follower of shark project will tell you that their favorite Sharks model is the shark rocket line, and in this comparison review, we will be talking about two models of the Shark Rocket line which are Shark HV382 vs HV381.

I don’t know if you prefer any other type of Shark product, but as for me, although I have in the past used other products of sharks apart from the shark rocket line, and my most favorite is any vacuum cleaner from the Shark rocket line. Talking about marketability, shark rotator has proven to be sharks best seller and rightly so. One of the most exceptional thing about shark rotator have to be their designs. All of the models under this product usually come in corded and in hand features, and they are also very light weighted. Shark rotators combine all of these exceptional features of their machines with a massive efficiency and working performance. With shark rotator, you simply have all that you want in a vacuum cleaner, and most importantly at a very cheaper price. there is no other vacuum cleaner manufacturer or brand that will put out products like shark rocket and leave it at a price affordable for low-income earners and middle families.

Be that as it may, talking about Shark HV382 vs HV381 is our main aim for this review. A lot of people refer to both products as siblings, and this is due to their similarities and how they share a lot of things in common. However, there are few differences that make each of the products unique on its own, they are the prices, the colors and some extra attachments and features. Although there are still more differences than these two mentioned. And we will elaborate on them in the following subtopics below.

Shark HV382 and HV381 Review and Comparisons

Shark HV382 and HV381 are only the brand names for these products, as their full name respectively are Shark Duo Clean Rocket Corded Ultralight Upright Vacuum and shark rocket duo clean bagless upright vacuum. Both of this products are very similar to the past products of shark, and the only exemption is upgrades like being more powerful, lightweight and improved working performances we shall be talking about.Our visitors also liked:  Roomba 650 vs 860: Comparison and Review

The Designs

Shark HV382 and HV381 along with majority of models are beautifully designed with amazing outlook appearance. Although shark is well known to make amazing products with outstanding outlook, with Shark HV382 and HV381 they seem to have gone a step higher and there is probably no catching them now. The designs also make both products look very strong unlike some that exhibit the machines as weak and fragile. Shark HV382 and HV381 come with different colors that make them stand out from each other, and this means that they can be easily differentiated because they have dedicated colors for each model. Shark HV382 has a charcoal grey, while the Shark HV381 has a combination of both blue and grey color. These days, the color of a product is very important to customers, and the shark has made sure that they pay adequate attention to all the color and outlook designs detail of this amazing products. The cord length is about 3o feet long, which means that it is long enough to reach places your hand can reach in a room, like the ceiling and deep underside of beds. When it comes to design, the shark has ticked every box with these products, and the most intriguing part is that the working performance and efficiency of the machines are on the same level. This means that the design has not been sacrificed for the efficiency, and instead shark has found a balance between both to satisfy customers.

The Portability

Regular users of shark products can testify to the fact that shark is usually particular about the lightweight of their products, and with Shark HV382 and HV381, they have even done more to make sure that both products are lighter than the previous shark rocket models. Both of them weigh about 4.5kg, and when they are turned into handheld vacuums, the weight reduces to about 1.6kg. the implication of this is that carrying them around will not need much effort. Their upright design also means that using the products will be relatively easy, especially for people that have spine issues, as using the products do not require too much of bending.

The Cleaning Performances

This is the most important aspect of any product review, as this is the main reason that anyone would want to cash in in a product, and we would take our time to explain and talk about their efficiency in the few points below.

  • One of their most amazing cleaning performance is the duo clean technology. This simply means that Shark HV382 and HV381 make use of two different types of brush rolls, and each of the brush rolls also serves a different function from the other. The soft brush would be used for cleaning of the floor surface, and for pulling in large particles, while the bristle one, on the other hand, will be used in the removal of dust. Both brush rolls also spin in unison, and their efficiency differs from the floor surface that they are working on.
  • In the real sense of thins, the duo cleaning even serves three functions; they clean the small particles, the large ones, and particles that are stuck on the floor surfaces. Hence this help to reduce the time likely to be spent on cleaning, and also improves the cleaning efficiency.
  • Another amazing feature that both machines possess is the brush roll garage. The usefulness of this feature is that the brush roll can be easily accessed and adjusted. This comes in handy during maintenance of the brush.
  • They are both equipped with LED lights, and you do not have to worry about using them in dark places.

The Attachments

There are few differences in their tools. Shark HV382 have features like onboard tool clip, all mount, under appliance wand, duster tool, pet multi-tool, and an accessory bag. Shark HV381, on the other hand, have upholstery tool, dusting brush, onboard tool clip, wall mount, under appliance wand, duster tool, true Mini pet, and an accessory bag.

The Price

Shark HV382 and HV381 are both cost friendly, with prices under $200. However, the former seems to be a little expensive than the latter.

The Feedbacks

Close to 70% of the buyers of Shark HV382 on Amazon rated it 5 stars. Most of them were intrigued about the designs and the very lightweight compared to past products. The major concern from a few of them was the dust cup that they claim to be of very little size.

Shark HV381 on the other hand also got exciting feedbacks, as most of the customers were satisfied with the suction power, the lightweight and the ease of use. Other customers hailed the features and new technological innovation. However, few complained about the fact that it could stay upright on its own.

The Conclusion

Shark HV382 and HV381 are very identical in almost every sense. However, Shark HV382 is more expensive due to the fact that it comes with a larger cleaning toolset. So the choice is left for you to choose the one you prefer. If you are looking for another good performing Shark vacuum cleaners check out this review of HV321 vs hv322 Shark upright vacuums.

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