Shark HV322 versus HV323

When it comes to ultra-lightweight vacuum cleaners, we can’t avoid talking about the Shark Rocket series models. The Shark brand is not only one of the most famous and innovative brands out there, but each of their series comes with a model that can just make cleaning a lot easier.

As we’re talking about the Rocket series, we have to mention the TruePet accessory most models come equipped with – it is a special tool that helps you remove any pet hair or pet-related debris inside your house, from the carpets, or from under the furniture.

Moreover, due to these two models being extremely lightweight, you’ll have no problem reaching any corner of your house, or any soft-area that needs careful cleaning – of course, all of this without having to carry a heave vacuum cleaner after you.

Therefore, to help you choose the best Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner, today we’ll make a comparison between the HV322 vs HV323, two of the best models in the series.

Design and Portability

When it comes to design, probably the most impressive element of these two vacuum cleaners is their ability to be converted into hand vacuum cleaners. With just one click, you can reach any spot in your home without having to pick up the entire vacuum cleaner.

When comparing the looks of Shark HV322 vs HV323, they appear almost the same – however, the first one comes colored in Bordeaux, while the latter comes with a glowing blue silver. Naturally, they look and are slim – in accordance with them being ultra-lightweight.

Both vacuum cleaners weight just a little under 9 pounds each – which makes them very easy to maneuver even with only one hand. Any type of user, either adults, people that suffer from certain conditions, or elderly people, won’t have any issue with moving the vacuum cleaner around the house.

However, keep in mind that both models are corded – therefore, they might be light-weight, but the space you have available for cleaning is still limited by the length of their cord.


In terms of performance, both the HV322 and the HV323 deliver their best. Of course, they are also equipped with technologies that the Shark brand are famous for – for example, the Never Loses Suction technology, which ensures no loss of suction power during the prolonged operation of the vacuum cleaner.

Basically, this technology makes it harder for the two models to fail at vacuuming and turn obsolete. Reportedly, the HV323 model comes with a better motor than the HV322, a motor that allows you to switch from thick carpets to bare floor with just the press of a button – doing so will change the airflow that’s recommended for each type of surface.Our visitors also liked:  Dyson V6 vs DC59

Another technology that these models come equipped with is the Advanced Swivel Steering tech, which makes it easier for you to clean the difficult areas of your home, such as under the bed or below the kitchen’s countertop. Basically, the brush head will rotate just as you want it to.

Moreover, when it comes to convenience, both models have quite powerful LED lights on the nozzle and on the hand vacuum cleaner so that you can easily spot any debris that’s hiding under the bed or in the corners.

Also, when talking about performance, we have to refer to the dust cup capacity as well. After all, you need to know how much dust the vacuum can carry before you have to empty it. According to the manufacturer, the HV323 comes with a dust cup capacity that’s two times that of the HV300, the original Shark Rocket model.


Naturally, the things that make the difference between vacuum cleaners are the accessories they come equipped with. The cleaners themselves come with various technologies and types of motors that basically do the same thing – however, it’s the accessories that make most of them special.

Therefore, let’s see what comes with each of the vacuum cleaners in discussion today – the Shark HV322 versus HV323, respectively.

HV322 Accessories

  • Accessory bag – very useful when it comes to storing the accessories, as they are quite a few of them.
  • Wall mount storage hook – with this accessory, the vacuum cleaner won’t take up any space in your house; you can mount it on one of your garage’s walls, for example.
  • Dust away hard floor tool and one microfiber pad – the hard floor tool is able to pick debris that’s stuck on the hardwood as well as surface litter.
  • Flexible hose – ensures that the hose won’t break or crack when put under a certain level of pressure.
  • TruePet mini motorized tool – the tool your vacuum must have if you own pets; with this, you can say goodbye to any pet hair or pet-related debris in your house.
  • Onboard accessory storage – this feature lets you store all of the vacuum cleaner’s accessories on itself; essential when you are actively vacuuming, and you need the accessories close to you, in case you need any of them.

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HV323 Accessories

  • Motorized brush – similar to the TruePet tool, this one is able to remove pet hair and pet debris that you may have inside your house.
  • Multi-purpose tool – just as its name implies, a tool that can be used for almost any type of dust/ debris.
  • Hard floor attachment – an accessory that makes hard floor cleaning a lot easier.
  • Microfiber pad – this one usually comes combined with the hard floor attachment; the attachment removes dust and debris while the microfiber pad cleans/ wipes the hard floor.
  • Crevice tool – very useful when it comes to hard-to-reach areas, such as under the bed or behind the desk, refrigerator, and such furniture.
  • Adjustable dusting brush – a brush that’s mainly used for dusting fragile items or items that don’t necessarily require sucking; for example, books, curtains, lampshades.

Price and Reviews

As you may have noticed, the HV323 comes with a few extra accessories than the HV322, making it a better choice if your home has an intricate layout – a lot of corners or hard-to-reach spaces.

However, the price difference between the too is not that big – both of them can usually be bought for under $200.

In terms of reviews and ratings, the HV322 comes with 4.4 out of 5 stars and the HV323 comes with 4.5 out of 5 stars – both ratings are from Amazon. Most users praised the machines’ ability to remove pet hair and their power when it comes to vacuuming, in general.

Reportedly, the HV322 and its small movable head have made an impression on several customers as they claim that the vacuum was able to get into tight places very easy.

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The Bottom Line

In the end, both the HV322 and the HV323 are quite similar – they both come with the performance and power of the Shark vacuum cleaners. Of course, they deserve to be branded as lightweight as there have been little to no complaints about their weight.

Moreover, the fact that they can be converted into hand vacuum cleaners is probably the most impressive thing on the list – this comes in handy when cleaning your car or your kitchen’s countertop, for example.

Naturally, we can’t forget about their ability to remove pet hair and clean any pet-related debris from hardwood floors and carpets – which is quite an impressive thing, given the fact that they are lightweight vacuum cleaners.

Overall, both HV322 and HV323 are some of the best models manufactured by Shark as they come with impressive power, performance, and strength while being ultra-lightweight as well.