Shark HV321 versus HV322

We know that most of you like to dance while cleaning the house – especially when vacuuming. You just put on your headphones so that you don’t hear the vacuum and start moving to the rhythm.

However, we also know that most vacuum cleaners on the market are quite heavy and don’t usually allow you to move them with the use of just two fingers. Still, the engineers at Shark have your back and created the Shark Rocket series of vacuum cleaners- light-weight and powerful, perfect for those that love to dance or have certain back problems or pain.

Today, we took two of the best products of the Shark Rocket series, namely the Shark HV321 and the HV322 – we will compare these, considering the design, performance, accessories, price, and reviews so that you can decide which one is better for your house.

Therefore, without any further ado, let’s see which of the two vacuum cleaners, Shark HV321 vs HV322, will let you dance while cleaning your home!

Design and Portability

The HV321 is known as Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Lightweight Upright Vacuum and the HV322 as Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Lightweight Upright Vacuum. As we can notice, both are branded as being extremely light-weight; therefore, portability is ensured.

In terms of design, it is quite minimal and accompanied by lavender color for the HV321 and cherry color for the HV322. The vacuum cleaners are slim and look very easy to operate – moreover, they can be easily converted into hand vacuum cleaners.

Therefore, if you come across hard-to-reach or tight spaces, you don’t have to lift the vacuum cleaner or try to make it reach the spaces. All you have to do is convert them and vacuum the area you want to be cleaned. Naturally, this will make cleaning your car much easier as well.

When it comes to portability, the Shark HV321 vs HV322 are both some of the lightest upright vacuum cleaners that you can find out there. They weight just a little under 9 pounds and can be carried using only one of your hands. As previously mentioned, they are ideal if you want to move freely while vacuuming or if you have certain health problems. The two are great choices for the elderly as well.


Most Shark models on the market come equipped with the Never Loses Suction technology – of course, the HV321 and the HV322 have it as well. Basically, this technology helps prevent the loss of suction power as you keep on using the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, a Shark vacuum can last for several more years than your usual vacuum cleaners.Our visitors also liked:  Roomba 805 vs 860: Comparison and Review

Moreover, both models come with Cyclonic technology as well, which helps filter the air sucked by the vacuum cleaner from the dust, thus maintaining its filter unclogged – this is quite beneficial as we know that, when it comes to usual vacuum cleaners, once the filter gets clogged, you either have to change it or buy an entirely new machine.

The motor of both the HV321 and the HV322 are reportedly better than those of their predecessors – they also come with the option to adjust the airflow so that you can clean bare floors and deep carpets using the specific settings for each type of surface.

Speaking about filters, both vacuum cleaners come equipped with a washable 1080FTV320 filter – it’s true, there is no HEPA filter in these vacuum cleaners, but the washable one is quite convenient and does its job.

Convenient is also the fact that the HV321 and the HV322 as well come equipped with 10 LEDs on the floor base of the machine. These help you clean in the dark and see what’s under certain furniture in your home when cleaning. Basically, they help you see if there’s still dust or debris in unlit areas.


As with most vacuum cleaners out there, the accessories make the difference between brands and between models – naturally, this is the case with Shark HV321 vs HV322 as well.

We mentioned earlier that the HV322 is also called TruePet – well, this is because it comes with an accessory that’s specially designed for pet owners. However, let’s talk about all the accessories that these two vacuum cleaners come equipped with.

HV321 Accessories

  • Crevice tool – ideal for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Dusting Brush – accessory for the areas of items in your home that need the dust brushed off them rather than sucked.
  • Pet/Upholstery tool – an accessory that’s not as powerful as the TruPet brush that the HV322 comes equipped with; it can still do a fairly good job when it comes to debris and pet hair or such.
  • Floor genie with microfiber pad – ideal for cleaning floors and hardwood surfaces.
  • Onboard storage clip
  • Accessory bag
  • Wall mount – helps you mount the vacuum on the wall, mainly for when you want to use it for a certain thing, such as cleaning your car, and you need it close.

HV322 Accessories

  • Wall mount storage hook – again, an accessory that helps you to either mount the vacuum on a wall or storage it in such a way that it won’t take much space in your home.
  • Dust away hard floor tool and one microfiber pad – an accessory that makes it easier for you to clean hardwood floors.
  • Flexible hose – ideal for when you go around furniture and the hose is put under stress.
  • TruePet mini motorized tool – this is the tool that makes the HV322 better than the HV321; it does a great job at removing dust and pet debris from inside the carpets; it is quite powerful and comes with enough strength in order to remove almost any type of pet-related debris.
  • On-board accessory storage – area on the vacuum cleaner specially designed for you to store its accessories on.

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Price and Reviews

Overall, the HV321 and the HV322 are two powerful vacuum cleaners, even though there are very light-weight, easy to operate, and come with an impressive design – therefore, it is only natural that they come at a higher price than your usual vacuum cleaner.

Moreover, it is safe to assume that the HV322 is a bit more expensive than the HV321 – and also better – because it comes equipped with several extra-accessories that make cleaning a lot easier, especially if you have pets.

In terms of reviews, people complained only about the small dust cup of the HV321 and the HV322 – on the other hand, most customers stated that the two vacuum cleaners come with almost unrivaled performance and power when it comes to ultra-light-weight vacuums.

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Shark HV321 versus HV322 – Which One Is Better?

In the end, they may be small, but they sure pack a kick – especially if you want to have the ability to dance while cleaning your house. But, leaving the rhythm behind, both the HV321 and the HV322 come with the innovation and performance Shark has accustomed us to.

Moreover, both can be turned into hand vacuum cleaners, making the products ideal for homes that have a lot of intricate furniture and tight spaces. This aspect really gives a new meaning to vacuum cleaners being convenient and easy to operate.

When it comes to the one that’s better for your house, it depends on whether you have pets or not – the HV321 does its job just fine and can provide you with optimal cleaning; but, if you have pets, then the HV322 is recommended as it comes equipped with the TruePet tool that can easily clean any pet dust, hair, or debris that can be found inside your carpets and any other hard-to-reach places.