Roomba 880 vs 980: Comparison Guide And Review

In this day and age, people are more involved in their work-life and are unable to dedicate time for the exhaustive and boring cleaning work at home. While getting a maid is a solution, it is out of the budget for most people. A great and more economical alternative is to get a robotic vacuum cleaner. With the technology developing continuously, robotic cleaners these days are usually autonomous and are equipped in dealing with a variety of floor cleaning challenges.

With the wide variety of options in the autonomous cleaning category, you can get quite overwhelmed when trying to make a clear-cut product selection. In this buying guide and review, we will compare two premium Roomba models: 880 vs 980.

Roomba 880 belongs to the 800s series from iRobot, while Roomba 980 is an updated model from the 900s series. Both the models belong to the higher end in their respective series.  This means that they share a lot of features; however, there are still a handful of features which are different in these machines and can eventually help you make your buying decision.

iRobot – Manufacturer

iRobot manufactures Roombas – the world’s most popular robot vacuum cleaners. An American company, iRobot has its roots in Massachusett’s Institute of Technology and has grown to become an industry leader in autonomous consumer cleaning products. iRobot’s Roomba line up was first introduced in 2002 and is known to be of high quality, with consumer-oriented designs.

Comparison Chart:

ModelRoomba 880Roomba 980
Size13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches
Weight8.4 pounds8.4 pounds
iAdapt Navigation
Automatic Cleaning
AeroForce Cleaning System
Two Dual Mode Virtual Wall
Automatically docks and recharges
Remote Control
Mobile App
Full Bin Feature
Battery LifeAverageHigh


As many other robotic vacuum cleaners, Roombas from iRobot has a typical circular disc shape. However, being in the upper end of their respective series, there is no surprise that both Roomba 880 and Roomba 980 have a slick finishing and a premium feel.  Both models come in black color which, although simple, can easily align with any room decor, without looking out of place. Roomba 880 has a few push-buttons added for greater functionality, while Roomba 980 comes with a minimal button layout, giving it a cleaner look. The latter has its own mobile application from which much of the controlling can be done, hence you do not even need to be near the machine.

Overall, aesthetics wise, Roomba 980 takes the cake for its more modern appearance and minimalistic design.

Weight And Size

iRobot Roombas have an advantage over any average robotic cleaners because of their consumer-centric designs.  This means that these Roombas are lighter in weight and compact in their size, which helps in handling them as well as allows the Roombas to work efficiently.

Both, Roomba 880 and Roomba 980 have the same weight and height. This means that both these machines are portable and can easily move around the floor, go under furniture, as well as reach the tight corners of the floor.


Of course, you need to look at the features of both Roombas, to know which one is most appropriate for your usage, especially under different conditions. Below, we have listed down the similarities and the differences between iRobot 880 and iRobot 980.

What Both The Models Have

  • Roomba 880 and 980 come with the patented AeroForce cleaning system. This is a given, considering iRobot has included this feature in all of its newgen products. Using this system, your Roomba will be able to detect the cleaning situation at hand and then using its artificial intelligence, it will be able to decide how to approach the cleaning. It uses techniques such as agitation brushing and suction to scrub and sweep any dust, smut or hair. According to iRobot, this new system allows Roombas to provide a fifty percent better cleaning than oldgen versions.
  • With an advanced iAdapt Navigation system, both Roomba 880 and 980 are able to analyze the room they are working in. This navigation system includes a range of sensors that map out the room in which your Roomba is assigned to do its job. Using this map, your Roomba will know the exact floor plan and will also take into consideration any obstacles, such as a chair or bed, along the way. While operating, this data allows the Roomba to ensure that it executes its cleaning in an optimal way, for an overall faster and precise job. Moreover, if any changes occur during the cleaning (such as the chair is moved to a different spot), this navigation system will immediately map the changes and update its data.
  • Given their ability to adapt, these Roombas can work on any kind of floor, including carpeted, wooden or laminated ones.
  • Both Roomba 880 and 980 come with the HEPA filtration technology. This is in line with iRobot’s policy for high-end Roombas. This HEPA filtration technology will detect and remove all the tiny dust particles, which are missed by regular cleaning. It also sucks up any pollens or allergens, providing you and your pet a safer environment in the room.
  • HEPA filtration and AeroForce work together to completely remove any dust or debris from your floor.
  • These Roombas do not need to be looked after. You can schedule them for cleaning beforehand. They run maintenance-free and can dock themselves up for recharging.

Differences In Both The Models

  • Roomba 880 comes with dual virtual walls, which can be used by you to create a restriction on where this machine moves in your house. It is quite easy to set up when you are first initializing your Roomba.
  • iRobot 880 comes with a new X life powerful battery, which increases its battery life and allows it to give more power than previous models of Roombas. However, Roomba 980 ups the game by providing an even better battery life and ten times the performance power of older Roombas.
  • Roomba 980 comes with a new full bin option. This means that even when your Roomba’s bin will get full, it can still continue to do the cleaning job without stopping immediately.
  • Roomba 980 can be controlled via a mobile application. This feature does not come to any other Roomba model. You can just connect to any WiFi and then control your Roomba, even when you are not in the home. Roomba 880 still has a remote control, which will allow you to control it while sitting away from it.


Roomba 980 is more expensive than Roomba 880, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that 980 belongs to the latest generation of iRobot’s autonomous cleaners. While there is a difference in pricing, it must be mentioned that both these models are high end and will probably require you to set a budget.


Overall, both Roomba 880 and 980 are fantastic robot cleaners. iRobot’s high manufacturing quality and a solid warranty backing mean that these Roombas are among the best for home cleaning. I would also recommend learning similar Shark Ion Robots review before the purchase.

If you have the freedom of budget, you must go for Roomba 980, which is the flagship product of the 900s series. It can easily handle a small to mid-size home. If you have a large home, you can get two of these and relax, as your floors get cleaned automatically every day.

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