Roomba 860 vs 805 – How do They Differ? 2020 Update

If you’ve been following the news and trend in the vacuum field for a very long time, then you should be aware that the most exceptional and best quality vacuum cleaners currently are of robotic models, for example, Roomba 860 vs 805. Many individuals are in support of it for some reason.

First and foremost, these vacuum cleaners can be operated automatically. They have great cleaning capabilities, which make them do thorough cleaning independently with no human aid. Because of this, purchasing one of these vacuum cleaning tool will surely save you a huge amount of energy and time. Furthermore, these automatic devices provide benefits for disabled people or those having movement difficulty. These robots can be programmed to clean some specific space at an appointed time by simply pressing a few buttons.

In addition, these types of vacuum cleaners are a blend of innovative technologies that aid in fast-tracking the user’s goal of achieving a convenient life, spotless and fresh environment.

During the years, the sales of vacuum cleaners have significantly skyrocketed with iRobot being the top producer. iRobot lines are renowned for the quality of the robotic vacuum they produced, which makes them to be positioned at the top of the list. Roomba, a set of automatic vacuum cleaners belongs to the turtle class is manufactured by iRobot’s, one of the top companies currently in the market.

These vacuums possess great features that allow them to perform incredible tasks, such as identifying and locating stains on the floor, changing of direction, etc. However, the costs of purchasing these robot vacuums are a bit high. So, if you have a limited budget, then investing your money on these devices isn’t necessary.

Talking about Roomba 860 versus 805, these two are very similar by merely looking at them, plus they also have related features. Before going deep into their differences and similarities, how about we investigate these two varieties:

Roomba 860 vs 805 – Comparison Reviews

First of all, the most remarkable fact about these vacuum cleaners is their rounded shape that looks like their predecessors. Roomba 860 and 805 are from the same robotic vacuum category, so they possess the iRobot trademark feature, for example, Aero Force 3-Stage Cleaning System and clutter-free rollers. But, Roomba 860 and 805 are notably different in some ways, such as the cost, cleaning abilities, etc. We will take a look into more points with the aim of locating the ideal one that best suits your need.

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Nowadays, customers not only desire vacuum cleaners with quality features such as cleaning abilities, but also those with cool designs. As a result, well-designed products offer beauty to the eyes, which in turn leads to customer attraction.

Roomba 860 vs 805 offers beautifully designed quality machines. Though Roomba 860 has a beautiful black color, while Roomba 805 is painted with a silver color. To be honest, both colors look pleasing to my eye due to the strong vibe they give me.


Roomba 860 and 805 weights are similar, close to 8 lbs. With this amount of weight, they are considered to be light in weight and the devices can work freely with no noise. However, Roomba 860 has a smaller size compared to Roomba 805. Roomba 860 comes with 13.9×13.9×3.6 inches while Roomba 805 has 18.2×16.5×5.5 inches. Assuming you live in an apartment with tiny space, the vacuum cleaner that can reach corners or get under the furniture is Roomba 860.

Cleaning Capabilities

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, it is highly important to consider the cleaning capabilities of these machines before buying them. So, I will go into every detail by digging a little deeper to ascertain the cleaning features possess by these wonderful devices.

Below are the features:

  • Roomba 860 and 805 are both fitted with iAdapt Navigation technology, an advanced system of software all round with sensors, which allows the Roombas to do a thorough cleaning by getting into areas that can’t be easily reached by humans.
  • Roomba 860 and 805 also come with a cluster-free removal. They possess two extractors that play a major role in capturing and crushing any garbage and trash that appear on any surface.
  • Roomba 860 and 805 are both powered by lithium-ion batteries. This category of batteries has a good cleaning capacity, due to the number of benefits they offer, such as low self-discharge, quick charging time and durability.

Like every Roomba, both 860 and 805 version can easily be programmed and managed according to time. You can also make them operate when you’re sleeping, when at work or vacations and so on.


With the improvement made to their sensing abilities, more concentration on cleaning, 3x improved battery life and 5x more powerful than the previous version, Roomba 860 can work with no mistakes.

Roomba 860 comes with a HEPA filtration system, unlike version 805. With this feature, Roomba 860 can retain any particles of size 0.3 microns or bigger at a productivity rate of 99.9%. Also, HEPA filters aid in keeping the air clean and fresh due to its ability to attract dust, and garbage close to its filters and make them stuck there.

However, Roomba 805 can operate automatically on different surfaces such as tiles, laminated floors, hardwood floors, and carpets.

How much?

Now that we have learned some important information about Roomba 860 vs 805, both are robotic vacuum cleaners and their purchasing price is a little high. Though the cheapest among the two is Roomba 805, they are perfect and affordable for both middle and high-class families.

However, both are totally worth the money spent on them. You can visit the Amazon store website to check them out at good rates. In case you feel satisfied with one of them, just click the purchasing button to order.

Users Feedback

While you are on the Amazon page, you will see that Roomba 805 receives a lot of positive feedbacks. The majority of the customers who bought it are happy with its cleaning performance so far. In addition, they were awed by how perfectly it operates on a hard floor. But, there has been some customer complaint, that its dirt and dust holding area is somehow small.

A total of 68% of customers left a 5 stars (out of five) rating for Roomba 860 on Amazon. It actually possesses great and flawless cleaning capabilities. Roomba 860 is renowned has a machine that has powerful suction, easy to set up and most people preferred it as a result of its long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Like Roomba 805, its small dirt bins are not appreciated by customers.


This is the first time I will be reviewing a robotic vacuum. To be honest, I am impressed with their looks and Roomba 805 simply represents a key defining moment in iRobot’s method of operation. Both vacuum cleaners are equipped with improved features that make them to be unique from the conventional ones. Finally, I trust Roomba 860 and 805, that they won’t fail you regardless of the task they’re being used for.

If you are impressed and satisfied with this review, don’t hesitate to write your thoughts in the comment section below.

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