Roomba 770 vs 880: Comparison And Review

These days, individuals are more associated with their work life and can’t commit time for the comprehensive and exhausting cleaning work at home. While getting a house keeper is an answer, it is out of the financial plan for a great many people. A more practical option is to get a robot vacuum cleaner. With the innovation growing persistently, automated cleaners nowadays are normally autonomous and are outfitted to take on an array of floor cleaning challenges.

With a wide assortment of alternatives in the automatic cleaning sector, you can get very confused when attempting to make an obvious item choice. In this purchasing and comparison guide, we will look at two popular Roomba models: 770 and 880.

Roomba 770 belongs to the 700s arrangement from iRobot, while Roomba 880 is a more recent model from the 800s arrangement. Both the machines are higher end models, from their respective series. This implies they share a handful of features; yet there are a bunch of features which are different and can, in the long run, help you settle on your purchasing choice.

iRobot – Manufacturer

iRobot produces Roombas – world’s most famous robot vacuum cleaners. An American organization, iRobot has its underlying foundations in Massachusett’s Institute of Technology and has today become an industry pioneer in domestic cleaning robots. iRobot’s Roomba line up was initially launched in 2002 and is known to be of top quality, with loads of positive reviews and a solid warranty program to back up the products.

Comparison Chart:

ModelRoomba 770Roomba 880
Size13.9 x 3.4 x 13.9 inches13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches
Weight11.4 pounds8.4 pounds
iAdapt Navigation
Automatic Cleaning
AeroForce Cleaning System
Two Dual Mode Virtual Wall
Automatically docks and recharges
Remote Control
Mobile App
Full Bin Feature
Battery LifeAverageHigh

Aesthetics, Weight And Size

These days, the design of the floor cleaner is an important aspect to consider. You want your robotic cleaner to match the decor of your room and not stick out like a sore thumb.
iRobot Roombas have an advantage over any average robotic cleaners because of their consumer-centric designs.  This means that these Roombas are lighter in weight and compact in their size, which helps in handling them as well as allows the Roombas to work efficiently.
Roomba 770 looks like a customary automated vacuum, with a round shape and a weight of about 11.6 pounds. The machine is compact and it can move around your home without having any issues to reach tight corners or under the furniture like beds or chairs. The model comes in a black body with a minimal design. The center button comes with a green backlight, while other functional buttons below it.

Roomba 880 is another disc design from iRobot. The height and circumference are quite like the 770, yet it is lighter, at about 8.4 pounds.  The model also comes in a black body with shiny center and a neat layout of buttons.


Of course, you need to look at the features of both Roombas, to know which one is most appropriate for your usage, especially under different conditions. Below, we have listed down the similarities and the differences between iRobot 770 and iRobot 880.

What Both The Models Have

  • With an updated iAdapt Navigation framework, both Roomba 770 and 880 can inspect the room they are working in. This specialized navigation framework incorporates a scope of sensors which survey the room in which your Roomba is put out to carry out it’s cleaning. Utilizing the data from the sensors, your Roomba will register the correct floor plan and will likewise also take into account any obstacles, for example, a seat or bed, en route its cleaning path. While working, this information enables the Roomba to guarantee that it executes its cleaning optimally. Additionally, if any changes happen amid the cleaning, (for example, you change the position of the sofa), this navigation framework will promptly map out the changes and refresh the stored data.
  • There is a spinning side brush on both these Roombas, which allow them to clean the wall edges as either of them move around cleaning near the walls. This leaves no dust or smut on the wall edges, which is a common issue that any average robotic cleaner will not solve.
  • Both models come with two virtual walls, which can be utilized by you to make a confinement on where this machine moves in your home. It is very simple to set up when you are first initializing your Roomba.
  • Given their ability to adapt, these Roombas can work on any kind of floor, including carpeted, wooden or laminated ones.
  • Both machines come with the HEPA filtration system. This is in accordance with iRobot’s strategy for the top of the line Roombas. This HEPA filtration innovation will distinguish and evacuate all the minor residue particles, which are missed by normal cleaning. It likewise sucks up any specks of dust or allergens, giving you and your pet a more secure atmosphere in the room.
  • Both Roombas can be scheduled for cleaning 7 times a week. This comes in handy if you want the robot to start cleaning your floors even when you are not around. After the cleaning job, both of these Roombas can automatically dock themselves on their charging station and fill up their batteries. Both models come with a remote control for starting, stopping and using several functions of these Roombas without going near them.

Differences In Both The Models

  • Roomba 880 comes with the patented AeroForce cleaning mechanism. This is a new system incorporated into the majority of the 800s and 900s series. Utilizing this framework, your Roomba will have the capacity to distinguish the cleaning circumstance at hand and utilize its intelligence to choose how to approach the cleaning. It utilizes methods, for example, agitation brushing and suction to scour and suck any residue, dirt or hair. As per iRobot, this new system enables Roombas to give a 50% preferred cleaning over old-gen variants. Roomba 770 still uses the older version of 3-Stage cleaning, using agitation brushing and suction, but does not give the finishing of Roomba 880’s AeroForce technology.
  • HEPA filtration and AeroForce work together to completely remove any dust or debris from your floor. This combination is only present in Roomba 880.
  • iRobot 880 comes with a new X life powerful battery, which increases its battery life and allows it to give more power than previous models of Roombas. However, Roomba 770 still uses the standard lithium battery found in most iRobot cleaners.


Roomba 880 is more expensive than Roomba 770, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that 880 belongs to the newer generation of iRobot’s autonomous cleaners. While there is a difference in pricing, it must be mentioned that this is justified given 880’s more advanced features.


By and large, both Roomba 770 and 880 are top robot cleaners. They are both at the higher end of their respective series.
If you have the chance to spend without breaking the bank, you should go for Roomba 880, which is the top product from the 800s series. On the off chance that you have a huge home, you can get two of these and relax, as your floors get cleaned consistently.

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