Roomba 761 vs 650 – Step by Step

When you’re busy and you’re barely able to do anything at the end of the day because you’re tired, cleaning is the last thing on your mind. All you want to do is stay in bed and forget about every possible worry.

Roomba 761 vs 650

Still, you can’t let your house dirty, as a dirty environment is not exactly the best place to live. Cleaning is required, and you also need to use the vacuum cleaner from time to time. But how are you going to do that, considering you are busy most of the day?

If you don’t have enough time to deal with the household chores, robot vacuums are a great way to relax while the vacuum does the job for you. They clean the floor with minimal effort, and you can schedule them to work while you’re not at home, or when you’re just too busy to manually clean.

In this article, we are going to take a look at two models from Roomba, more exactly models 761 and 650. Let’s see what they have to offer, and you can choose the one that fits your needs.

Roomba 761 vs 650 Comparison

These two models are suited for fulfilling specific cleaning requirements. Despite some models having advanced cleaning technology that is above many other vacuum cleaners, models 761 and 650 still seem to do great. They are on the top list of many customers. In order to pick from them, though, you need to be aware of the differences and similarities between them.

Whereas model 640 belongs to the series 600, the 761 model belongs to iRobot series 700. To offer you a better understanding of what this means – vacuums from the series 700 have better performance, as they are equipped with further state of the art.


In terms of design, these two are the same – two circular constructed vacuum cleaners. One difference you would notice, though, is the fact that 761 is a bit larger compared to the 650 one. However, 761 has better technology in this case.

As for other design features, you will notice other differences as well. For instance, Roomba 761 is available in silver color, while Roomba 650 is available in black. The colors make them look attractive enough, so they will be one cute addition to your household.

Both these models have a green “CLEAN” button in the middle to let you turn them on/off whenever you want. The difference is that 650 has more extra buttons on the surface compared to 761. This is only normal, considering 761 has a remote control.

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Power & Battery

While 650 is a 33W unit that introduces better suctioning, 761 is a 30W unit to produce the cleaning suction. So, 650 needs to consume more energy than its counterpart.

For both of these vacuums, the cleaning time is of 120 minutes. Still, they both require a different battery and charging time. Basically, 650 with Li-ion battery needs about 4-5 hours in order to fully charge. At the same time, 761 has a Ni-MH battery, and it charges faster, needing only 3 hours.

Roomba 761 vs 650 – Cleaning Performance

iRobot Roomba 761
iRobot Roomba 650

These robot vacuum cleaners both have certain features that allow them to perform well and clean your house.

For example, let’s start with the Aero-Force cleaning system. Just like traditional Roombas, 761 and 650 also have this 3-stage cleaning system that gives them the ability to effectively clean any surface. They do so through a combination of agitating dirt, high-powered vacuum suction, and brushing. In other words, the Aero-Force cleaning system ensures that there is no dirt or dust left behind when the machines move on.

Moreover, these models have the AeroVac technology. It maximizes the airflow to pull fur or hair in the AeroVac bin. This reduces dustbin emptying frequency, resulting in a more uniform fill. In addition, the design of the brush is enhanced so that the hair doesn’t get stuck on the brushes; thus, it will not be annoying to clean the brushes.

Additionally, all the iRobot Roombas come with the iAdapt Responsive Navigation Technology. It is a complex system of software and sensors. This amazing feature gives the units the ability to efficiently clean and adapts to any changes in your home. Because of it, robotic vacuums provide behaviors at 60 times per second. They will also find it easier to clean rooms and do more passes each time.

However, these models have, as mentioned, some differences. They both come with control equipment, but the controls are different in each one. Roomba 650 has Wi-Fi, its integration into the design being an advanced step. Therefore, you need a smartphone that has a wireless connection, and you can control the vacuum.

Roomba 761, on the other hand, doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection, but it comes with remote control. This is more convenient because you don’t have to depend on a Wi-Fi connection to be able to control the vacuum.

Another difference is the fact that Roomba 761 is equipped with a HEPA filter. These filtration systems are helpful in removing the tiny particles and allergens in the air. If you’re struggling with allergies, this vacuum may be the right choice for you.

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The Price

You probably know it by now, but one of these models is more expensive than the other one. It is 761, which is nearly $50-$100 more expensive compared to the Roomba 650; this depends on each store. Robotic vacuums usually cost more than ordinary vacuum cleaners anyway.

You can find these vacuum cleaners online, on websites such as Amazon.

What the Clients Had to Say

The feedback offered by clients is very important. It can show you whether it’s worth investing in something or not, so you should always take it into account.

Overall, the reviews that Roomba 761 and Roomba 650 received are good ones. The customers were pleased with what the vacuums did, and here is what they had to say.

Regarding Roomba 761, clients were very happy. The most liked comment even said that “it’s worth every penny”. Most of the customers, specifically 80%, gave a 5-star rating because it worked amazingly and efficiently removed hair from cats and dogs. Moreover, it also did a great and quick job on all surfaces. One disappointment they shared, however, was the fact that it makes some noise.

Roomba 650 has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, which is pretty good. A lot of customers, specifically 70%, offered a 5-star rating for this vacuum cleaner. One of the most common praises they posted was the fact that the vacuum is great in removing pet fur. Also, they loved how clean the floors were when they returned home after a long day at work. Customers found one flaw as well: it has a small dustbin.

Final Thoughts

Robot vacuum cleaners can be a great investment if you are a busy person. When you have so much to do, the last thing on your mind is vacuuming your house. Roomba has two models that may interest you, depending on your requirements.

They are similar and different at the same time. They are similar in shape, and they are both able to get rid of animal fur. Those units are different regarding the design, though, because 761 is a little bigger and has better technology. They also have different colors, and they can be controlled in different ways. While 650 has a Wi-Fi connection, its counterpart has a remote control, being easier to operate. What’s even better is the fact that 761 has HEPA filters, making it ideal if you are allergic.

It is up to you to choose the item you like the most. They are both good vacuum cleaners with plenty of advantages.