Roomba 650 vs 770 -Comparison and Review

When it comes to quality vacuum cleaners, the iRobot brand is considered one of the industry leaders. It created the Roomba, which is its bestselling robotic vacuum cleaners to date. Not only is it very popular with consumers, but the vacuum models under the Roomba series has received a lot of praise from the actual buyers, praising its innovative design and functionality.

Two of the bestselling Roomba vacuum models include the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 770. And in this post, we will be digging deeper into each of their own outstanding features, pros, and cons, which will help you decide which one to buy. While we provide the details, it is still up to you to carefully evaluate which features are useful for you and which are not. Keep reading if you are curious about these vacuum models.

The Similarities of The Roomba 650 and The Roomba 770

The Roomba 650 and the Roomba 770, while coming from the same brand, remain as two of its bestsellers and most successful models. They basically have the same features including the anti-fall sensors, control-removing functions, obstacle sensors, dirt detection, as well as automatic adjustments to its height, among others. To add, these two models have been proven to work best for cleaning hardwood floors and carpets.

Both models feature the 3-Stage Cleaning System, as well as the iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology, providing its users with a powerful suction and the capability to perfectly clean the floors and pick up everything on the floor’s surface. In addition to that, they both come equipped with a 7-day scheduled programming, in which the user will simply set the time and day they want these robotic vacuum models to clean.

The Differences Between the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 770

Both the Roomba 650 and the Roomba 770 are state-of-the-art smart vacuum cleaners with a market presence of several years. Just like any other product on the market, both vacuums have their own pros and cons, which comes with their specific features. After you have read this section in its entirety, we do hope that you will now be able to find the right vacuum cleaner for you.


Most buyers tend to look the design and appearance more than anything else when choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner. They want attractive and shiny vacuums that they see operating around their houses. Therefore, appearance is now considered as one of the determining factors to consider when buying a vacuum. To add, it is why several manufacturers invest a lot to attract the customers’ attention.

  • Roomba 650 – The Roomba 650 is a vacuum cleaner offered by iRobot that is only available in black. It does have a few buttons on its surface and the design is attractive. Its dimensions, measuring 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches is perfectly suitable for cleaning hard to access areas of your home including the parts under the beds and furniture. To add, it is also lightweight and portable, weighing only 7.9 pounds.
  • Roomba 770 – Generally, the Roomba 770 has a lot of similar qualities to the Roomba 650 but you would notice quite a few visual improvements. For instance, the black accent is a lot shinier, making it look more elegant, aside from having a few more buttons than the Roomba 650. While it may be heavier than the Roomba 650, it received several great reviews from consumers who bought the product.

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Cleaning Capabilities

  • Roomba 650 – The Roomba 650 is just like any regular robotic vacuum cleaner, it has the tendency to miss a few spots. Therefore, you need to activate its Virtual Wall feature to be able to maximize the vacuum’s efficiency. To add, you certainly need to keep an eye on it, as it can get stuck under your furniture. It also may have a weak navigation system, so it might collide with obstacles that are on its way. To prevent this from happening, we do recommend that you clear the room from such objects including cables and slippers. However, it does a great job cleaning up everything on the floor, may it be carpet, hardwood, or tile.
  • Roomba 770 – The Roomba 770, on the other hand, offers far more features than the Roomba 650. The reason is that the brand has improved its cleaning ability, making it a better vacuum cleaner than its alternatives. This vacuum works great on several surfaces and has the capability to pick up dust, dirt, fur, as well as pet hair. It would also take you less time to clean because its smart technology tells it exactly what to pick and where to go. It is equipped with the useful HEPA filter, which effectively traps captured dirt, dust, as well as fine particles. Overall, the Roomba 770 is a robotic vacuum that works a lot faster and more efficiently than the Roomba 650.

Battery and Power

Another factor to consider when choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner is its power and battery life. With this, the two models have vast differences when it comes to battery, depending on the usage purpose and the technology used. The Roomba 650 utilizes a yellow Advanced Power System Ni-MH battery, allowing you to clean up to four rooms in one run. Meanwhile, the Roomba 770 has long-lasting and better battery than the Roomba 650. The reason is that it has a more power filtration and suction power and it would only take you up to three hours to fully charge it.Our visitors also liked:  Roomba 770 vs 650 Review: Head To Head 2018


  • Roomba 650 – The Roomba 650 uses the AeroVac technology, making it possible for the airflow to guide the dust back into the bin, as well as pull additional debris and hair off its brushes. This is a very useful feature as you will never have to empty the dustbin as often. In addition, this robotic vacuum does not feature a remote control, unlike the Roomba 770.
  • Roomba 770 – The Roomba 770, on the other hand, uses the HEPA filtration technology, which effectively filters up to 99.7% of the small particles. This innovative feature is unlike any other vacuum cleaners that would simply recirculate the dust back into the air. This feature alone is what makes the Roomba 770 suitable for people who suffer from specific allergies or problems with the respiratory tract. This robotic vacuum comes equipped with a remote control, allowing you to turn the device on without you getting up from your bed or couch.

Customer Feedback and Ratings

  • Roomba 650 – While the Roomba 650 is not the most innovative and latest robotic vacuum iRobot has to offer, it still gained some great reviews from buyers who have tried the product. Most of the consumers were satisfied with how well it has performed, as compared to its price. In fact, most households have commended it because it is a powerful robotic vacuum and it does not make so much noise. However, some complaints involved the vacuum getting stuck a lot.
  • Roomba 770 – Almost 83% of the consumer rated the Roomba 770 with 5 stars and a lot of them agree that this vacuum cleaner is worth their investment. However, some commented on the vacuum’s lack of dirt sensor and mapping system.


Now that we have discussed everything you need to know about these two outstanding vacuum cleaners offered by iRobot, it would now be your decision to choose which one would work perfectly in your home. Just remember to evaluate each feature carefully to be able to come up with an intelligent buying decision.