Neato D4 vs. D6 vs. D7

Neato Robotics, a renowned brand that designs robot vacuums to help you with household duties, has launched two new models in the same line as D7. They did it in an attempt to revamp the product line-up and offer people more possibilities when it comes to choosing the right robot vacuum.

Therefore, the products come with a lot of features and benefits and they are also cheap alternatives. So, if thinking about the price of a D7 sent you running, you will be happy to know that getting a Neato is now possible without spending a fortune.

In this article, you will have an in-depth look at these models, Neato D4 vs D6 vs D7, and find out which one is better. Let’s get started!


Although functionality is the main factor to consider, the shape and unique design of these Neato robot vacuums don’t go unnoticed. They don’t have a full circle shape as you see in most robot vacuums. The shape is rather that of the capital “D” letter, making it unique.

In terms of colors, they all come in dark ones. The Neato D7 is black with gray, the D4 is fully black, while the D6 is black with dark gray. What they all have in common is the fact that the manufacturer’s name is displayed on the surface.


Battery Recharging

As expected, the battery drains with each use. The new models have a certain battery management that makes them go to the charging dock when they sense the battery is getting low. Therefore, you won’t have to get angry when you come home to find out the vacuum cleaner only completed half of the assigned task.

In addition to that, the lineup has Quick Boost Charging included, meaning that if the robot does die in the middle of the job, it has a solution to it. It goes to the charging dock, calculates how much battery it requires in order to finish the task, and returns to the cleaning field to finish what it started. In other words, if the machine determines it needs 35% battery to complete what you asked it, it will resume charging as soon as it hits that mark. Consequently, there is less downtime, and the job is done much quicker.

Cleaning Controls

Neato has SpinFlow technology, which uses an extra brush in order to increase the suction and cleaning power of the device. Additionally, the models also have the Eco Mode and Turbo Mode. While the former uses the battery more economically, being less noisy, the turbo one maximizes the suction and cleaning power, thus being noisier.Our visitors also liked:  Roomba 614 vs 650 Review: Head To Head 2018


Conveniently enough, you can use the robot vacuums with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Who said you have to make an effort to change the schedule or just give the machine an order? You can simply offer vocal commands, and the robot will do as asked.

Even more than that, they have a Wi-Fi connection, so you can control them with only your Android or iOS device. When it comes to convenience, all Neato D4 vs D6 vs D7 are winners.


In certain situations, you may want to restrict the vacuum’s access to other rooms, as they are either already clean, or the room can’t be cleaned in that exact moment. Thankfully, these models allow you to do that easily through the Neato app. You can manage your floor plan and set virtual boundaries, preventing the device from entering other rooms.

So, you can keep it out of any trouble, without having to set up fences to protect the device from falling on the stairs and damaging itself.


Some vacuum cleaners tend to clean, but due to their motor that creates suction, the dirt is vacuumed but evacuated back into the air. This is a nuisance to those who suffer from asthma or allergies, as it can worsen their symptoms and ruin their whole day.

You will have no worries if you are the owner of one of these robot vacuums. The manufacturers added filtration allergens, to make sure your air is allergen-free. The filters included can remove particles as small as .3 microns. Moreover, these filters can remove up to two times as many particles as competitor filters.


As you are already aware, these vacuums use Wi-Fi connection. The amazing part is that the software used to control the machines, while requiring updates, doesn’t force you to do them manually. Due to the Internet connection, the software updates automatically, so your vacuum is getting smarter without you doing anything.

Laser Navigation

The mapping and navigation are done using a laser. Basically, the laser is used to create a floor plan, detecting the walls and furniture in the room. So, it can properly clean around the house without bumping into walls or other obstacles in its path.


Because of several factors, your floor may require more cleaning in one area compared to another. How is the machine going to clean that, considering it only goes on its path, then is done with the cleaning?

The devices have a feature called “Spot-Cleaning”. In other words, it allows you to set it in such a way that it focuses on one area of the floor until it’s completely clean. The Neato robots begin to clean a 7 by 7 section of the floor when you activate this feature. Consequently, your floor will be cleaned evenly.Our visitors also liked:  Shark ION Robot vs Roomba: Full Comparison

Careful Navigation

Not all floors and areas in your house are the same, and some may require special care during the cleaning process. Thankfully, the Neato models come with an Extra-Care setting for when the robot is cleaning areas where you have delicate furniture or objects.

However, this is not a feature that should be on all the time, as it may cause the device to avoid going under tables, chairs or similar items.

Additional Features

Ultra-Performance Allergen Filter

A feature that only the D6 and D7 share is the ultra-performance allergen filter, which helps filter even more allergens compared to the D4 model.


Another feature that is only available in the D6 and D7 models is the side brush, which is a useful tool when dealing with annoying debris or pet hair. It is also great when having to clean in harder-to-reach spots, such as crevices or corners.

5G Wi-Fi

This feature is only owned by the D7 model, and it allows the machine to utilize 5G Wi-Fi for a faster response to the Internet, thus being able to clean faster.

Multiple Floor Plans

Being only available with the D6 and D7, this is certainly a useful feature to have. When you have a house with multiple floors, it comes in handy.

They allow you to save up to three-floor plans, so you can use them quickly. Therefore, you can easily use the vacuums in more places, without having to change the plans everytime you do so.

Manual Remote

The D7 is the only one with this feature. You can set a manual remote control to command the vacuum from your phone, easily guiding it to whichever way you want.

Final Thoughts

Neato knew what it was doing with these vacuums – which is why the Neato D4 vs D6 vs D7 was not an easy comparison. D7 is clearly the king above them, but it also requires you to spend more money. With additional features, such as the 5G Wi-Fi and the manual remote option, it sure is a great investment.

However, the D6 and D4 are cheaper alternatives with a lot of benefits as well. They’re great choices for those with lower income. D4 is the cheapest one, but it still has useful features such as Wi-Fi connection, anti-allergen filters, spot-cleaning, barriers, and many others. You can choose any of them, and you’d have a useful tool that properly cleans your home.