Dyson DC44 vs V6: Which is the Best Bagless Model

Long gone are the days of dragging heavy vacuum cleaners up and down the stairs, tripping on their cords and even emptying bags has become a thing of the past. Instead, there’s seemingly endless options of vacuum cleaners, all designed to make the dreaded task of cleaning a little less tiresome. In fact, there’s such a wide range of vacuums these days that it can be almost overwhelming to decide on the right one to buy.

If you’ve decided getting a bagless vacuum is the way to go – and it definitely is – then you may want to start by looking at Dyson. The first company to invest the bagless vacuum, Dyson is ahead of the competition when it comes to bagless technology.

Two of the best of the bunch are the Dyson DC44 and the V6. On the surface, both are hitting all the marks you should be aiming for: bagless, cordless and easily transported. However, there are several significant differences, so let’s take in depth look.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the cleaning abilities of both; after all, that’s the main reason why we buy a vacuum cleaner!

Cleaning Capabilities

Both vacuums come with Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone technology. This technology was developed by Dyson scientists in order to achieve a higher suction power and to pick up more dust. No other vacuum cleaner company has access to this particular technology so it’s definitely a win for Dyson and a great reason to choose one of their machines.

Both the Dyson DC44 vs V6 come with the ability to detach the wand, allowing you easy access to difficult to reach areas, such as awkward corners, under tables and can even be used in your car.

The Dyson V6 comes with another special Dyson-only technology, the 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones. These 15 cyclones create a strong centrifugal force which is used to capture microscopic dirt, i.e. dirt you can’t even see with the naked eye! It also comes with a soft roller cleaner head which was created specially to clean hard floors whilst avoiding marking or scratching the floor.

Probably the most impressive aspect of the V6 is the integrated HEPA filters that Dyson say are capable of picking up around 99.97% of even the tiniest particles. This why the Dyson V6 is certified in asthma and allergy friendliness!Our visitors also liked:  Bobsweep vs Roomba

The Dyson DC44 has a motorised head with carbon fibre filaments which works on removing fine dust. The head has two different sets of bristles – a set of stiff nylon bristles and a set of soft carbon filters. By using the two sets together, the DC44 can easily remove dirt that’s been stuck between small spaces, for example carpet strands. It works extremely well on removing that stubborn pet hair. It also does a good job on furniture such as sofas.

The other aspect of a vacuum cleaner that’s high on most potential would-be buyer’s list is design. Although some people have plenty of space for storing awkward appliances like a vacuum cleaner, the majority of people don’t. It’s understandable, then, that if there needs a vacuum cleaner sitting in the corner, at least it’s a pretty one!

Design and Style

It really comes down to a matter of preference when it comes to the Dyson DC44 vs V6 design. To be honest, they are pretty darn similar. In fact, if it wasn’t for the color, it would be impossible to tell the two apart!

It’s a case of red versus blue with these two, the V6 being the former and the DC44 the latter. The only other slight difference is one of height, with the DC44 being around 28.4 inches tall and the V6 46.4 inches.

The design of both vacuum cleaners mean they are slight, sleek and relatively easy on the eye. Neither require much storage room and could easily be stored in a small corner space that works best for you.

The other notable feature when it comes to design is that both are upright vacuum cleaners – a must for people with backpain.
Of course, no vacuum cleaner is as simple as it first appears! Half the fun of buying a new vacuum cleaner is trying out all the different accessories, so let’s take a quick look at what you can expect to get with the Dyson DC44 and V6.


If it’s quantity over quality, then the Dyson V6 wins this round. It comes with a whopping six accessories, which are:

  • A direct drive cleaner head
  • Mini motorized tool
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • A combination tool
  • A crevice tool
  • A fluffy tool

The DC44 doesn’t turn up empty handed either, boasting the following accessories:

  • A crevice tool
  • A combination tool
  • A mini motorized tool
  • A motorized floor tool
  • An extension wand

The accessories that mean the most were explained earlier in the cleaning capabilities section so it’s really much of a muchness when it comes to the rest. It will really come down to preference for the rest of the tools and accessories. However, the direct drive cleaner head may be the handiest ‘other’ accessory included – but it is worth doing the research to find out if you buy these separately before making the final decision based entirely on this.

Portability and Other Factors

The comparison of portability will probably not be the deciding factor in these two vacuums – they are both exactly the same! Both the DC44 and V6 weigh a lightweight 5.1 lbs, meaning they’re easy to lift. This really is one of the best features about any bagless vacuum cleaner and makes it perfect for those of us who might struggle to lift anything heavy. No more backpain after vacuuming!
The only other performance factor that may make a difference is the noise level. Although neither are particularly noisy, the DC44 is extremely quiet.


For many of us, the final decision can often come down to cost and if that’s true in your case, then the V6 is your winner. It’s currently retailing at around $300 compared to DC44’s $400. However, check prices in your local area and retailers, and don’t forget to check for any money-off offers and coupons.

Dyson DC44 vs V6 Price

Dyson V6 price
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Users Feedback

Sometimes the best test of a product is through checking out the online reviews. Of course, it’s worth noting that usually only people with extreme views will take the time to go online to post a review, meaning sometimes the results are skewed. However, if there’s a major issue with an item, the reviews are normally the best place to find out before you buy!

The V6 currently has a 4.3 star rating on Amazon, which is an excellent rating to have. The DC44 isn’t far behind with a 4.1 star rating. Most reviews for both vacuums are positive, with some buyers posting reviews to call the vacuum their dream vacuum!

Going by the reviews, whether you decide to go for the Dyson V6 or the DC44, you’re sure to be pleased with your purchase. It’s really a matter of preference combined with your own particular needs and wants; each of these two vacuum cleaners have their own addition benefits so make sure to choose the best vacuum to meet your own specific circumstances.