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At the moment, Dyson is one of the leading brands in the vacuum cleaning industry. The company is known for creating high-end products that make people’s lives easier. You may already know this brand because of reputed models of V6 FluffyDyson V7Dyson DC34, Dyson V8 Animal and AbsoluteDC44 and others. While offering such quality and variety, the products are usually space-saving and easy to maneuver and handle.

Given you accessed this article, you are most likely interested in the products presented here, respectively the Dyson DC35 vs V6. The Dyson Company carefully manufactured them to offer optimal performance, so they’re sure to make you smile once you see the result. Each of them has unique features, but they are also similar in some aspects.

If you’re interested in some canister vacuum cleaners that could deal with even the toughest mess, then you may find the information here helpful. The Dyson DC35 vs V6 will be compared, so you can choose whichever suits your needs best.


If back pains are toying with you each time you use the usual vacuums, the upright design of these two models will save you from this situation. The design allows you to clean around the house without bending too much, thus making the process more comfortable.

Moreover, the product is great because the center of gravity is towards the grip, therefore the unit is more lightweight and easier to use in various areas.

In terms of looks, they both look the same, with slight differences. For instance, they are silver, but there are differences when it comes to the handheld. The V6 has a white color, whereas the DC35 is green-blue.

Another benefit regarding the design comes from the fact that it allows you to clean inside your car as well because it’s so compact. The weight is about 44.1 inches for the DC35 vs 46.4 inches for the V6 Absolute.


The price they come to shows that they are great alternatives for families with higher income. The V6 is the more expensive option, being around $400, whereas its counterpart comes at almost $300. However, the prices may differ depending on where you make the purchase.

Cleaning Performance

As it should be, the cleaning performance is the most important thing to take into consideration before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

These two models offer outstanding performance because of the powerful suction power, while also being very easy to use. They successfully remove the dust and debris from various surfaces, ensuring the health and good aspect of your home.

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Carrying the units around the house should be a piece of cake, and this is one of the amazing features these vacuums provide. You can maneuver them really easily, lift them up, and use them up and down the stairs.

Because of their slim design and the fact that they’re lightweight, weighing only 4.5 pounds (V6) and 4.8 pounds (DC35), they make the best friends for people who use them. As such, back pain is going to be a stranger to you, because these Dyson models just don’t allow any room for struggle.


Li-Ion Batteries

One feature these models share is the battery type, which is a Li-ion one. The battery is popular for offering constant power throughout the charge cycle, while it also needs low maintenance.

In other words, the battery allows the vacuums to operate for a long time, before needing another recharge.

Attachment Bag

Considering the machines come with their own sets of accessories, you need a place where you can safely keep them while being at your service whenever you want. Being spread all over the place or keeping them away from the vacuum is not really the way to go. If that happens, you’ll have to walk around the house looking for them each time you intend to use them.

Thankfully, Dyson thought about adding a bag where you could keep all the attachments stored together, so you just find any of them in no time.

Detachable Wand

Vacuums are not only used for cleaning the house floors. Sometimes, you need to lift them up and vacuum on the couch, wall corners, or you need to use them in your car as well. That will be possible with any of these Dyson models because they can both easily turn into handheld vacuums by detaching the wand. As a result, it will be easier to reach tighter places, such as corners.

Root Cyclone Technology

Dyson DC35 and V6 have the advantage of having the Root Cyclone technology incorporated. Basically, this feature uses the centrifugal forces in order to spin and make dirt loose, so it’s easier to pick up and get rid of. In addition, it keeps it out of the filter inlets, sending it to the dustbin, thus being more efficient.

Filtration System

One difference you will notice between these two models is the filtration system. Basically, V6 has HEPA filters. When dust and allergens make you go through hardship due to the allergies, the filters come in handy. They capture up to 99.97% of tiny particles, not allowing them to go back to the air, protecting your health as a result.

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However, the DC35 is not equipped with HEPA filters. It still has a filtration system that traps the allergens before the air is pushed back into the environment. Therefore, when comparing Dyson DC35 vs V6, the V6 wins in terms of air quality improvement.

Charging Time

The charging time of the DC35 is pretty short, as it only takes about 3-1/2 hours to completely charge. Still, the runtime is not so long, going on for about 15 minutes. The V6 Absolute can run a bit longer.


Dyson DC35 and V6 come with certain attachments. The former has four, while the latter has some additional ones.

So, the DC35 has an extension wand, crevice tool, motorized and combination floor tool.  On the other side, the V6 absolute also includes a direct-drive cleaner head, fluffy tool, mini soft dusting brush, mini motorized tool, crevice, and combination tool.


  • They are both very easy to maneuver.
  • They can be detached in such a way to turn them into handheld vacuums, which makes it easier for users to clean in tighter places.
  • The Root Cyclone technology is available in both DC35 and V6, and it’s helpful in loosening the dirt and removing it in a much easier way.
  • They both use a lithium-ion battery.
  • They come with an attachment band, where you can keep all of the accessories that come with the product.
  • The body color is the same.
  • They are both lightweight and could save you from back pain.


  • The colors of the handle are different, being green-blue for DC35 and white for V6.
  • Their height is different, V6 being slightly taller than its counterpart.
  • DC35 runs for shorter compared to V6.
  • While V6 has HEPA filters, DC35 doesn’t.
  • V6 comes with some extra accessories.
  • The V6 is more expensive compared to the DC35.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are looking for some lightweight vacuum cleaners that could also be used as handheld ones, we hope that you’ve found this article helpful.

Now you know how the two Dyson vacuums are similar, and what makes them different. While they both come with an attachment bag, Root Cyclone technology, Li-Ion battery, and easy maneuverability, V6 is the more expensive option. It also has additional accessories, and its runtime is a bit longer compared to its competitor.

Both of these models do a great job of cleaning different surfaces, though. So, no matter which one you’ll choose between Dyson DC35 vs V6, it will be a good investment.

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