Dyson DC34 vs Dyson V6 – Best Vacuums for Hair

If there’s something that we hate about vacuuming, it’s the fact that the hair sticks to everything. As a human, you have human hair sticking out of places you didn’t even think was possible – and as a pet owner, you pretty much gather pet hair every five seconds. So today we compare two great vacuum cleaner Dyson DC34 vs Dyson V6.

The worst part about all this is that the hair is not vacuumed as easily. You pass and pass over it – and it seems to stubbornly stick to the carpets all the time. This is fairly troublesome, particularly when you have to clean the hair sticking to your furniture.

This is why one needs to invest in a good vacuum cleaner that can deal with hair – regardless of its type. In this respect, the Dyson DC34 and the Dyson V6 have proven to be pretty reliable.

Dyson DC34 vs Dyson V6

Dyson DC34 vs V6 – Deep Compare

Comparing Dyson DC36 vs. V6, both models are very popular – but how do you know which one to choose between the two? Obviously, you compare their features – and choose the one that seems to be the most suitable for you.


When it comes to the vacuum cleaner design, they look fairly similar – the only noticeable difference is in color. For instance, the V6 has a silver part on the motor, while the DC34 is orange.

Both units are handheld, providing you certain maneuverability. Once you attach the accessory that you need, you may start vacuuming corners, furniture – and every other place that you may want. Plus, both of them are slim enough to not take a lot of storage space


Considering that the bodies of the vacuum cleaners are both very compact, you can easily carry them around from one place to another – without turning your cleaning session into an accidental arms workout. Both units also have under 5 pounds, making them very lightweight.

Both units work on batteries – which means that you won’t have to stumble upon any annoying cords. You can take your cleaning anywhere – without being restricted to areas that have a plug.

Cleaning Performance

Cleaning performance is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to vacuum cleaners. If the vacuum cleaner does not do the job well, then you’ll have to finish the job by using a broom or picking the hair up yourself. Here are some factors regarding the cleaning performance of Dyson DC34 vs V6.

Dyson DC34 Handheld
Dyson V6 Animal
  • Both Dyson DC34 and Dyson V6 have been equipped with cyclone technology – one that allows the air to spin using high speed. This way, the pores will not get clogged – and the suction of the unit will be continuously superior. Plus, since the unit does not have a bag, the suction is not lost either.
  • Considering that both units are fairly compact, you can easily get the dirt away from many hard to reach areas.
  • Both units feature a dual power mode – which is why the suction is able to stay high. Plus, you can also get 6 minutes of “max mode” for difficult to clean areas.
  • Both units are rechargeable and use lithium-ion batteries. However, the DC34 features a fast-charging system that allows it to be charged quicker than the V6. Plus, it even features an LED indicator that tells you precisely when it is time to charge the unit.
  • The DC34 may have a quick charging system – but the power delivery is around 1.5 stronger in the V6. This one has a fade-free battery that will give you a constant power flow – even if the battery life is nearing its end.

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Overall, when it comes to their cleaning performance, both units are fairly similar – the only difference being in the battery performance, mostly.


Both vacuum cleaners come with a fair number of accessories that add versatility to the unit. They can help you in a variety of scenarios, making your cleaning job all the easier.

The DC34, for instance, comes with 2 attachments – one being a crevice tool and the other one being a pull-out combination brush with a wide nozzle. This tool is a fairly good option for pet hair since it can loosen the hair and make it easier to vacuum.

When it comes to the number of tools, the Dyson V6 is certainly more superior – as it features accessories for almost every job possible. Not only does it have the tools of the Dyson DC34, but it also features some extra minis – such as the direct-drive head, the fluffy tool, the soft dusting brush, and the motorized tool.

Both vacuum cleaners feature a bag where you can store the accessories – allowing you to stay nice and organized. This way, once you are done the vacuuming, all you will have to do is place the bag in the storage place of choice.

If you are looking for something simple and straight to the point, then the DC34 is the more suitable option for you. On the other hand, if you want more options to focus on the details, then the V6 might prove to be more suitable.


While prices generally vary depending on the seller or retailer, there is an obvious difference between the Dyson DC34 and Dyson V6. Compared to the Dyson DC34, the Dyson V6 is a bit more expensive – and that is to be expected, considering that it’s a fairly new model.

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Plus, while the technology may be fairly similar, the V6 features more accessories – which makes it obvious why it would be slightly more expensive. Thanks to the variety of tools, it will be much easier for you to get the pet hair off your furniture.

Ideally, to get a better price, you may want to take these products from Amazon. Granted, the average price will not be very different – but different sellers will ask for different fares. Furthermore, Amazon also offers decent discount rates from time to time – and you may certainly want to take advantage of that.


The capacity of the vacuum cleaner is one more factor that you have to consider – since it will determine exactly how many trips you will have to take to the trash can. Considering that both units have a 0.105-gallon capacity, there is no real difference between them – and they are perfect for small to medium-sized houses.


  • Both units are handheld and compact
  • Have the same bin capacity (0.105 gallons)
  • Both feature a washable filter
  • They are not suitable for both wet and dry usage
  • Both of them have two-speed settings and an adjustable suction power
  • Both units feature attachments


  • The V6 has more attachments compared to the DC34
  • The V6 is slightly more expensive than the DC34
  • The charging speed is faster in the DC34
  • The battery life is longer in the V6

Final Thoughts

Overall, both units are very good at their job – and they have a similar rating online as well. When it comes to picking up hair from the furniture, both of them can do it with their superior suction power. However, the V6 might be slightly more effective, since it features more accessories.

You also have to consider your budget. Are you able to spare a few dollars just to have a few extra accessories? Similarly, do you want a unit that charges faster or one that lasts for a longer time? Hopefully, this article allowed you to choose between the Dyson DC34 vs Dyson V6.

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